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Climate change

Climate change

The city’s Corporate Business Plan, together with the Strategic Community Plan, identified climate change as an important issue for our community. To acknowledge this, council has endorsed the WALGA Local Government Climate Change Declaration.

The declaration acknowledges that human induced climate change is occurring, demonstrates the city's leadership in climate change management at a community level and council's political commitment to locally appropriate climate change management.

The city has also developed a Local Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan 2013 – 2017, which outlines actions to adjust the city's operations across a range of asset and service delivery areas. By taking early action on climate change, the city’s vulnerability to the potential impacts of climate change can be reduced. 

Download the City of Subiaco Local Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan 2013 – 2017 (PDF, 747KB)

The city has a strong record in reducing corporate and community greenhouse gas emissions, which is equally important in respond to climate change. Through mitigation and adaptation activities, the city aims to fulfil its responsibility to act in the best interests of our community and increase resilience in a changing environment.

WESROC Climate Smart Program

WESROC completed a Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Project in 2010.  The overall climate risks to the Western suburbs region included:

  • threat to infrastructure adjacent to coast and estuarine foreshore from erosion and inundation and from extreme storm events
  • impact of climate changes on management and maintenance of infrastructure, drainage and wastewater networks
  • impact of extreme weather events and increased range of vector-borne diseases on community health and the emergency response
  • impact of climatic changes on natural resource management, including biodiversity of native bushland areas and landscaped gardens and environmental water quality.
Download the WESROC Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Project report (PDF, 5.7MB)

A key outcome of the project was to involve the community in adaptation activities. WESROC are implementing a Climate Smart program, which aims to:

create greater community awareness of the expected local impacts of a changing climate
inform the community about what WESROC are doing to adapt to a changing climate
assist the community respond at the household level.

Further information can be found in the following Climate Smart brochures:

Downlaod the Preparing for extreme weather events Nov - Mar brochure (PDF, 835KB)

Download the Preparing for extreme weather events May - Sep brochure (PDF, 827 KB)