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Parks bookings

This page contains information about booking a park or reserve for a special occasion. For information on downloading a parks booking form, click here.

The City of Subiaco has a number of parks and reserves available for casual social use, based on a bond system which protects the condition of these spaces.

Passive parks and reserves are public open spaces and as such are under the care, control and management of the city. It is the city’s intention to make passive recreational areas available for use to the widest range of local community groups and individuals on an equitable basis. Other than a small administration fee, the city does not charge residents or visitors for passive use of recreational space.

Where an organised group wishes to reserve an area of passive recreational space for the purpose of holding a social event, the city provides the opportunity to do so, but it does not support the use of passive recreational space for commercial gain.


A small group (generally less than thirty people) partaking in passive pursuits is considered a social gathering and falls outside the operational guidelines of the city’s Use of Passive Recreational Areas Policy.

A larger group of thirty or more people is considered to be an organised activity and will be subject to the operational guidelines of the policy.

For applications to be assessed and approved the following criteria need to be addressed:

  • The application is to be made by the event organiser.
  • The application is to include the city's standard event booking form, fully completed and signed by the applicant
  • Any permits necessary for the consumption of alcohol are to be forwarded with the park booking form
  • Applicants are to forward the booking fee prior to the application being processed
  • A risk assessment may be carried out to determine the appropriate bond amount to be charged

Applicants are to forward the fully refundable bond prior to booking being confirmed.

Following the event, a site assessment is carried out to ensure all conditions on the event permit have been complied with and the park or reserve has sustained no damage. When damage is sustained as a result of an event costs are deducted from the bond. When all conditions have been met the bond is refunded by cheque.For more information, see the city’s terms and conditions of use of parks and reserves.


Each individual application is subject to a standard administration fee of $36, and each event booked is subject to a fully refundable bond. The bond amount is calculated using risk assessment criteria, which considers the number of people attending, the location, the activity planned and any infrastructure to be placed on the park or reserve.

The city’s schedule of Fees and Charges did not make provision for appropriate commercial use of parks and reserves. In October 2016 council endorsed the new fee schedule which allows the CEO to approve an appropriate charge for commercial usage of the city’s parks and reserves. The city is in the process of updating the parks booking page to reflect these changes.


The Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (Liquor Licensing Division) is to be contacted by the applicant to ascertain whether a permit for the consumption of alcohol in public places is required. Copies of all relevant permits are required by the city prior to the application being processed. The selling of alcohol is not permitted on council reserves and parks.

Booking a park

To book a park, you are required to submit a parks booking form. You can complete an online version of PDF version below.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions of hire. An officer will process your application and you will be advised of the outcome in writing.