City of Subiaco - Applying for approvals
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Applying for approvals

Planning and/or building approvals may be required before making any alterations or additions to your home or business. 

Whether you are thinking of making improvements such as a renovation or addition, or planning a new development, it it important to advise the city of your plans as most projects of this nature require approvals. 

Penalties, including potential prosecution, may apply if development is carried out without first seeking the necessary approvals. 


Planning approval, in the form of an approved development application, is required for most types of development including:

  • building a new home
  • commercial development including office/retail
  • extensions or renovations to existing buildings
  • demolition or partial demolition of existing buildings
  • signage
  • changes to facades of buildings
  • change of use/classification of buildings or businesses.

For more information about planning approvals in the City of Subiaco, visit the planning and development applications page


A building permit is required before any building works are carried out on a site or building. Building work includes:

  • construction of a new development
  • office fit-outs
  • garages
  • patios
  • sheds
  • fences.

Planning approval may also be required before a building permit will be granted.

For more information about building and renovating in the City of Subiaco, visit the building and renovating page