City of Subiaco - Demolitions
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nullThis page contains information on lodgement, checklists and forms that are required for applying for a demolition permit within the City of Subiaco.

A demolition permit is required before a structure can be demolished or removed from your property in the City of Subiaco. 

The city's demolition checklist and our schedule of fees provide information about demolitions in the city. 

Asbestos removal

If you are demolishing a structure which has more than 10 square metres of asbestos, a licensed WorkSafe contractor must be used.

For further information on asbestos and its safe removal please visit the city's asbestos and hazardous waste page.

Rat baiting

Prior to approving a Demolition permit, a rat baiting program must be carried out and evidence provided to the city of Subiaco.  Baits must be placed in the ceilings, subfloor spaces and outbuildings at least 7 days prior to demolition.

For further information on rats and other pests and insects within the city of Subiaco, please visit the city's Pest and insect control for residents page.