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Heritage buildings and places

Heritage buildings and places

The unique and rich history of the City of Subiaco is reflected in the built fabric of our heritage buildings and places. The city recognises the importance of protecting places of cultural heritage significance as a way to enhance the city's sense of identity and preserve our history for future generations.

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Heritage places and  areas

Local Government Inventory (LGI)

The LGI is an information only resource. Inclusion on the LGI has no implications for the development of a property over and above the requirements that are already in place as part of the city's Town Planning Scheme.

Heritage List 
The city's Heritage List  (PDF, 37KB) forms part of the City of Subiaco Town Planning Scheme No. 4 and identifies properties that are of cultural heritage significance and considered worthy of protection.

Heritage  Areas

A Heritage Area is an area that has been assessed as having cultural heritage significance, within which it has been deemed necessary to apply special controls to conserve and enhance the streetscape(s). Click here to view a list of the city's heritage areas.

State Register of Heritage Places (state register)

The state register includes properties that have cultural heritage significance at a state level. Planning approval is required when developing these properties and any development application received is required to be referred to the State Heritage Office for comment.

Heritage incentives and assistance

The City of Subiaco offers a range of incentives and assistance measures for owners of heritage listed properties.

Heritage advisory service
Owners of properties listed on the City of Subiaco heritage list, or located within a heritage  area, can obtain complimentary professional architectural advice from a local heritage architect engaged by the city as an advisor.

To access this service contact the city's Heritage Officer on 9237 9222.

Heritage grants fund

Places listed on the heritage list or contributory places located within a heritage area are eligible for financial assistance for urgent conservation works, and/or conservation works that enhance and reveal the heritage significance of a place.

The heritage grants fund is run twice yearly.

For further information refer to the heritage grants fund information sheet (PDF 84KB)

Contact the city's Heritage Officer on 9237 9222 for more information.

Planning incentives in the form of variations to development principles

Schedule 2, Part 3 Clause 12 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015  allows Council to grant variations to any requirement of the Scheme where the proposed development facilitates the conservation of a place listed on the  heritage list  or located within a heritage area.  Further information is outlined in the city's 'Heritage Incentives' Policy  (PDF, 307KB).

Refunding and waiving of planning and building fees

The 'refunding and waiving of planning and building fees' policy (PDF, 23KB) provides for the partial waiver of planning fees for places of cultural heritage significance listed on the heritage list or located within a heritage area.

Development application requirements for heritage listed places

When a place is listed on the heritage list or located within a heritage area it is not eligible for exemptions from development approval under Schedule 2, Part 7 Clause 61 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015. This means that in some cases development approval is required when it normally may not be. In these cases the city's policy is to waiver the planning application fee.
Property owners are advised to contact the city's planning department to determine whether any proposed works require development approval.

Frequently asked questions 

Download the frequently asked questions (PDF, 154KB) for answers to some of the common queries about built heritage in the City of Subiaco.

City of Subiaco Information Sheets

Thematic History and Framework

The City of Subiaco Thematic History examines Subiaco's growth from pre-history up to the present day (2014). Its purpose is to provide a broad overview of the evolution of Subiaco in order to identify turning points in its history, the main periods of its development, and key stories, themes and influential factors that have shaped the city's distinctive visual and physical character. This history is crucial to producing a Thematic Framework by which the cultural heritage significance of places in Subiaco can be recognised and, as a result, represented on the Local Government Inventory.

Download a copy of the City of Subiaco Thematic History

Burra Charter

The Australia (ICOMOS) Charter for the conservation of places of cultural heritage significance outlines the main principles and practices that guide the conservation of heritage places and has been generally accepted as the standard for heritage practitioners in Australia. A copy of the Burra Charter, as well as further information, is available on the Australia ICOMOS website at

Heritage Specialists Directory

The State Heritage Office has developed a new online directory of businesses offering heritage services across Western Australia. Click here to find a heritage specialist.


To discuss the significance of your property or for any other heritage information or advice please make an appointment with the city's Heritage Officer.

The Heritage Officer is available Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8am to 5pm. Please call (08) 9237 9222 or email to arrange an appointment.

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