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Design Review Panel

Design Review Panel


The Subiaco Design Review Panel is established as a body with which the city may consult in assessing an application under the provisions of clause 27(2) of the City of Subiaco Town Planning Scheme No. 4. 

Role of the Panel

The role of the Design Review Panel is to provide impartial architectural and design advice on the following matters:

a) All planning applications (with the exception of single residential development) involving buildings of three storeys or greater where the development is located within:

  • the Town Centre zone
  • the Commercial/Residential zone
  • the Centro Precinct
  • the University Precinct
  • the Hampden Road Local Centre, and
  • the Activity Centre defined by the Subiaco Activity Centre Structure Plan.

b) All planning applications that meet the requirements to be determined by a Development Assessment Panel under the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2011;

c) Any other major planning or development proposal referred by the Manager Planning Services council and/or Development Services Committee; and

d) Any relevant Local Planning Scheme amendment, Structure Plan or Local Planning Policy proposal (including design guidelines) referred by the Manager Planning Services, Council or the Development Services Committee.

Matters can only be referred to the Design Review Panel if they are capable of approval under the Scheme

Operation of the Panel

The Panel will consider referrals as either:

(a)Preliminary - a proposal that is under consideration by a potential applicant and is in the early stages of formulation but has not yet been submitted as a formal application for planning approval.

(b)Formal - a formal application for planning approval has been submitted.

Frequency of meetings

Meetings will normally be held no more than once per month but shall be held at the frequency necessary to deal with matters that have been referred for advice. 

Nomination for membership

Please note that a covering letter and resume are required to be submitted with any nomination to the City of Subiaco.