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Development Assessment Panel (DAP)

A Development Assessment Panel (DAP) is an independent decision-making body comprised of technical experts and elected local government representatives. Joint Development Assessment Panels (JDAPs) are established to service two or more local governments.

Under the DAP regulations, each DAP will determine certain development applications as if they were the responsible authority. For example, if a DAP application is submitted to the City of Subiaco, the application will be assessed against the city’s town planning scheme, relevant planning policies and Metropolitan Regional Scheme (MRS) as per any other application submitted to that authority.

The DAP regulations state that DAP applications cannot be determined by local government or the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).

The City of Subiaco is a part of the Metro West Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) which covers the Subiaco, Cambridge, Claremont, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, Nedlands, Peppermint Grove and Vincent areas.

Current DAP applications open for public comment

There are currently no applications open for public comment.


Recent DAP applications determined by the Metro West JDAP

Item: DAP/16/01170 - 624 Hay Street and 3 Bishop Street, Subiaco
Application Details: Demolition of two existing Fast Food Outlets and construction of new, single, Fast Food Outlet

Metro West JDAP

Upcoming meetings

There are no upcoming meetings. 

Meeting agendas and minutes

The finalised minutes of the Metro West Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) for the meeting held on 10 April 2017 have been made available at the following link:

The Local Government is required to publish a copy of the signed minutes on its website in accordance with regulation 44(7) of the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2011.
For enquiries, please contact DAP Secretariat on 6551 9919 or via email


Previous meetings

Download a list of previous meetings of the Metro West JDAP relating to City of Subiaco applications (PDF, 67KB).

Frequently asked questions

Can I attend a DAP meeting?
DAP meetings are open to the public.

What happens at a DAP meeting?

  • The meeting will commence once a quorum is achieved and the minute taker is in attendance.
  • Formalities such as the noting of the minutes, absences, apologies and disclosures of interest are completed.
  • The presiding member then invites submitters' presentations to be made.
  • The DAP members then consider and discuss the responsible authority’s reports.
  • DAPs members determine the applications by consensus or by majority vote.
  • The presiding member reports to the panel on any applications to amend/cancel DAP approval and any SAT reviews.
  • Any general business is discussed before the meeting is closed.

How can I make a presentation at a DAP meeting?
When a DAP application is advertised under the local planning scheme and/or region schemes, submissions may be sent to local government. Submitters may also wish to present at the DAP meeting.

Any submitter wishing to address the DAP meeting is to send a DAP presentation request form to the DAP secretariat at the Department of Planning via email to at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. The presentation request form is to be accompanied by a written document setting out the name of the person or representative of the group, the DAP application it relates to and the substance of the submission to the person or group proposes to make. 

Download the DAP presentation request form (Word doc, 57KB).

The number of submissions that may be received at the meeting is at the discretion of the presiding member. The presiding member will approve or refuse the request and decide the order in which presentations may be made.

Please note presentations are limited to a maximum of five minutes.

DAP applications

Does my application need to be determined by a DAP?

Your application for development is a DAP application if it falls into one of the following two categories:

  • Mandatory DAP applications – where the value of the development is seven million or more and not considered an ‘excluded development application’.
  • Opt-in DAP applications – the applicant has chosen to have their application determined by a DAP. Opt-in DAP applications are for those applications where the value is three to seven million and are not considered an ‘excluded development application’.

The following will not be determined by a DAP:

  • Construction of:
    i)    a single house and any associated carport, patio, outbuilding and incidental development
    ii)   less than ten grouped dwellings and any associated carport, patio, outbuilding and incidental development
    iii)   less than ten multiple dwellings and any associated carport, patio, outbuilding and incidental development.
  • Development in an improvement scheme area.
  • Development by a local government or the WAPC.
  • Development in a district for which:
    i)    a DAP is not established at the time the application is made or
    ii)   a DAP has been established for less than sixty days at the time the application is made.

The DAP process

DAP applications must be assessed following the standard local government’s process as per the local planning scheme. This includes:

  • public advertising if required
  • consultation with internal departments and external referral agencies.

The City of Subiaco must then prepare a Responsible Authority Report which includes a recommendation to the JDAP. Applications are determined by the Metropolitan West JDAP at a special meeting of its members.

Download the DAP application process flowchart (PDF, 451KB).

Lodging a DAP application

When lodging an application the applicant must:

  • complete the new DAP form and pay the required fee PLUS
  • submit and pay any existing development application forms and fees as required under the local or region planning scheme.

All new applications should comprise the following documents:

  • DAP Application Form 1
  • with DAP Application Form 1, three copies of appropriately scaled site plans, development plans, development elevations and accompanying technical reports in support
  • local government application for planning/development approval form
  • with the local government application form, three copies of appropriately scaled site plans, development plans, development elevations and accompanying supporting technical reports
  • payment of the DAP application fee
  • payment of local government development approval application fee.
Download Application Form 1 – for all new applications (PDF, 84KB)

Apply to amend or cancel an existing DAP decision by:

  • extending the period within which development must be substantially underway
  • amending or deleting any conditions
  • amending an aspect of the approval in a way that does not substantially change the development
  • cancelling the approval.
Download Application Form 2 – for amending or cancelling a DAP determination (PDF, 58KB)

Key documents

To speak to the city's planning services regarding your development application, please phone (08) 9237 9222.

For more information about Development Assessment Panels, visit the DAPs section on the Department of Planning website.