City of Subiaco - Subdivisions and amalgamations
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Subdivisions and amalgamations

This page provides information on the subdivision/amalgamation approvals process within Western Australia. 

Freehold (Green Title) and Survey-Strata Subdivision

In Western Australia, the subdivision of land (including the amalgamation of lots) is controlled by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) through the Department of Planning (DoP). The city's involvement in this process is one of a referral body that provides comments on subdivision proposals.

General information, applications forms, submission requirement checklists and a guide to the fees payable for all subdivision applications are available on the WAPC website.

Strata Subdivision

The city has the authority to deal with most forms of Applications for Approval of a Strata Plan.  Further information in this regard can be found on the WAPC website or by contacting the city on 9237 9222.