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nullThis page contains information on the citys drainage and drainage improvement plans for the future. Identified below are the key areas for proposed drainage upgrades as part of the 2014/15 budget:





Rokeby ROW 440 - Hamersley Road to Bagot Road



Lake Avenue



Forrest Street



Hay Street (north) to Jolimont Terrace - ROW 509

Drainage and resurfacing


Keightley Road



ROW 509 - Hay Street to dead end



Rupert Street - ROW laneway (drainage and refurfacing)



Bishop Street



Federal Street



McCabe Lane



Churchill Avenue - Rokeby Road and Axon Street



Obslow Road and Violet Grove intersection



All the citys proposed drainage works information and more can be found it the 2014/15 budget.

Each year Council's Capital Works Programme sets out a number of drainage improvement projects which aims at improving the efficiency of the urban water management, including the existing drainage system while simultaneously increasing the amenity to ensure an ecological and sustainable outcome for the city and its future.

The City of Subiaco has been investing in upgrading and extending its comprehensive 'ageing' drainage systems to cope with the increased catchments, developing strategies to implement Water Sensitive Urban Design Principles (WSUD) for sustainable water cycle management outcomes in our urban landscape.

Various initiatives like increased infiltration, through the installation of soak wells, drainage cells and water harvesting have been embraced by the city to improve the efficiency of  the urban water management, while increasing amenity are contributing towards the achievement of an ecological sustainable outcome.

There are three primary goals of retention / infiltration based  on stormwater management:

  • to reduce storm water runoff in terms of peak flow and volume
  • to minimise pollution transference from urban catchments to receiving waters
  • to harvest and use stormwater runoff as the substitute for Bore water and our main water supply.

The drainage upgrade program is also aimed at protecting our residents properties from the severity and incidence of inundation, which in turn enhances the safety of the local community.

For more information about drainage within our city please contact us