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Useful planning links

Useful planning links

The following planning related websites that may be useful for people looking to undertake development within the City of Subiaco.

Planning WA

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and Department of Planning (DoP) are the State government authorities responsible for overarching strategic outcomes within the state of Western Australia, and also deal with subdivision applications.


Landgate is the Western Australian authority responsible for all land information and geographic data including maps and title searches.

State Administrative Tribunal

The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) is the government body which is responsible for reviewing local government decisions, including the lodging of appeals against council decisions.

Department of Commerce

The Dividing Fences Act (1961) deals with issues relating to dividing boundary fences which separate the land of different owners.

State Law Publisher

Official publisher of Western Australian legislation and statutory information including the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes).

State Heritage Office of Western Australia

The State Heritage Office of Western Australia deals with the identification and conservation of heritage places.