Subi Oval Memories
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Subiaco Oval has a rich history
and you're a part of it!

Share your stories, memories and favourite moments of Subiaco Oval and help us to discover the unique history of our prized landmark.

We want to know everything! When you saw your favourite musician perform live, your boyfriend proposed, you accidentally spilt coffee on someone famous, or you kicked (or missed) a goal in your first AFL game.

Complete our online form and upload photographs and videos to tell us about your memory. The more detail you can give, the better. All stories will be collected and may be used in future exhibitions, publications or interpretation to celebrate the history of the city and Subiaco Oval.

Share your memories

E.g. 1960s, 1 July 2001, September 1985
E.g. Picture, document, video, poster. File size should not exceed 10MB
‚ÄčAlternative submission options – If you would like to provide us with more details of your story or if the images are too large to upload, please feel free to email us at or call

Open Days - You are also invited to visit our photo booth at our Subiaco Oval Open Days on 11 July and 10 August.