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Public art

nullPublic art plays a vital role in creating a sense of place within the community. The City of Subiaco is committed to delivering a diverse and vibrant public art program because we believe that public art is vital to community and cultural development. It contributes to a sense of identity and wellbeing by reflecting on Subiaco’s unique character, history and future aspirations.

Our vision is to create a visible arts presence throughout the city with a public art program that engages artists’ creative ideas to celebrate the values of Subiaco – its history, culture and future aspirations – and define Subiaco as a place where people want to be.
New acquisitions, commissions and the temporary public art program are:

  • supported by the city's Public Art Policy and Guidelines
  • directed by the Strategic Public Art Master Plan
  • funded by an annual allocation of 0.75 per cent of city rates and a policy for developer contributions
  • managed by the city's public art coordinator.

With over sixty documented public art works in this collection so far, the City of Subiaco sets a precedent now and into the future by creating an environment that celebrates its culture and heritage through considered art commissioning and ongoing development.

Public Art Policy

The City of Subiaco Public Art Policy and Guidelines (PDF, 345KB) forms the criteria for assessment of all public art commissioned by the city, or acquired by purchase, donation or transfer, as well as providing a framework for the management, funding and promotion of the collection of public art.

Additionally, the city adopted a per cent for art policy in 2011, which is applicable to commercial developments within the city's boundaries and the city's capital works.

Developer contribution

Private developers of commercial and mixed use developments are expected to contribute to public art in accordance with the estimated construction cost.
A handbook has been created to help applicants understand the city's expectations to incorporate public art into their commercial development. It explains the different ways one can work with artists, the city and the design team in a way that best suits the circumstances.

Strategic Public Art Master Plan

The Strategic Public Art Master Plan (PDF, 1.8MB) sets out principles, strategies and immediate, medium and long term actions to be achieved through collaborative planning and strategic partnerships. It identifies opportunities for public art in future capital works and developments, and includes programs and projects.

Public art collection

The City of Subiaco is the custodian of a considerable art collection, located in the public realm, in and around the city's landmarks, streets and buildings. The permanent and temporary works of art, including sculptures, murals and mosaics, reflect and inform us of the rich and diverse history of the city, its residents and their activities.

Use the city's mapping website to find public art in the City of Subiaco.

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