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Home-produced food

Home-produced food

nullTo prepare food in your home for sale to the public, you must obtain a licence through the City of Subiaco. This page contains information on approvals, food handling activities and labelling requirements.

To obtain approval to prepare, pack, store, handle, serve or supply food from home for sale to the public, you are required to make a written submission to the city outlining your proposal.

Please be aware that further approval may be required from the city's town planning department allow you to produce foods at home.  Please refer to planning services for further information.

Health standards for home-produced food premises are required for all residential kitchens.  Some of these requirements are:

  • The kitchen and food preparation area must comply with the Food Act 2008 (PDF, 400KB) and ANZFA Food standards code.

  • Clean clothing and hair coverings must be worn during food preparation.

  • Enclosed shoes must be worn.

  • No animals are permitted entry into the kitchen.

  • Smoking is not allowed in the kitchen.

  • Hands must be washed thoroughly in hot soapy water prior to commencing food preparation.

  • New containers must be used for packing of food products.

  • Jars are to be sterilised before use.

Labelling requirements

For home-produced foods, all products must be labelled correctly.

Please refer to the following example of a label and what information needs to be included.

For more information in regards to food labelling requirements for home-produced foods, please visit the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website or contact the city on (08) 9237 9254.