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Temporary food stalls

Temporary food stalls

nullTo have a temporary food stall in the City of Subiaco, you are required to notify the city's Health Services.

To obtain approval for a temporary food stall you are required to notify the city by completing the temporary food business notification/registration form (PDF, 176KB).

Trading at UWA

If you are a student at The University of Western Australia (UWA) and wish to set up a temporary food stall, please note the following:

  1. Guild Affiliated Clubs should contact UWA Guild directly

  2. Non-affiliated clubs and registered charities must complete the UWA Temporary Food Business Notification form (230KB, PDF) and if applicable pay the prescribed fee to the city's Environmental Health Services. Please refer to schedule of fees (266KB, PDF).

Trading at Markets on Rokeby

If you wish to trade at the Markets on Rokeby, all food vendors must contact Venn Property Group directly. Once approval is received in writing the following Markets on Rokeby Temporary Food Business Registration / Notification Form (PDF, 225KB) is to be completed and the relevant fees paid.

All temporary food stalls are required to conform with the following standards set out in the Food Act 2008 (PDF, 404KB)

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Food hygiene

  • Disposable eating and drinking utensils are to be used.

  • All food and food containers are to be stored above the ground.

  • A physical barrier is to be provided by means of sneeze guards.

  • All condiments (sauce, mustard, etc.) are to be contained in individual sealed packs or squeeze-type dispensers.

  • All disposable eating utensils are to be pre-wrapped in paper napkins or cellophane bags.

  • Drinking straws, paper cups, spoons etc. are to be either enclosed in suitable dispensers or protected from contamination.

  • Tables/trestles are to be covered with clean cloths or paper (not newspaper).


  • All cooking appliances are to be located within the stall and protected from contamination, and are not be within reach of the public.

  • Food is to be protected from contamination at all times and must not be displayed outside the stall.

  • The cooking area is to be kept free of dust-borne contamination and droplet infection (coughing/sneezing by the public).

  • A fire extinguisher is to be provided in every stall where open flame cooking occurs.

  • The stall walls are to be protected from heat, flame and splashing where cooking occurs.

  • Raw food is to be kept separate from cooked food.

Food temperature control

  • All take-away food prepared at the stall is to be for immediate sale and consumption, or displayed in a suitable food warmer or food display which maintains the food at a temperature of at least 60ºC (hot food) or below 5ºC (cold food), or otherwise in accordance with the Food Act 2008 (PDF, 404KB).

  • Pre-prepared food products or pre-cooked food which promotes bacterial growth must be stored under refrigerated conditions (below 5ºC) or otherwise in accordance with the Food Act 2008.

  • All raw foods and perishable foods must be stored under refrigerated conditions (below 5ºC) or otherwise in accordance with the Food Act 2008.

Stall protection

An awning or fire retardant marquee is to be provided for the food preparation area to reduce dust/insect contamination. Unsealed ground is to be covered with a suitable impervious material.

nullWashing facilities

Separate facilities are required for hand washing and utensil washing. A supply of hot and cold water must be available to the food stall. Disposal of all wastes must be to city's satisfaction. Liquid soap and disposable hand towels are to be provided at each stall.

Rubbish disposal

Refuse receptacles with lids are to be provided in and near each stall. The refuse receptacles are to be emptied on a regular basis throughout the day. The refuse bins and surrounding area is to be kept clean at all times.