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Talk about Subi

TAS-Cover_Web_Small-(2).jpgTalk about Subi is published quarterly to keep the community informed about what's happening in and around the city. The seasonal newletter is delivered free of charge to all residents and businesses in the City of Subiaco. 

Recent editions can be downloaded below and hard copy archives are available in the local history collection at Subiaco Library.








December/January (PDF, 6.53MB)     

December/January (PDF, 3.7MB)     

December/January (PDF, 4.7MB)     

November (PDF 4.2MB)

November (PDF, 3.7MB)

November (PDF, 3.6MB)

October (PDF, 3.49MB)

October (PDF, 4.1MB)

October (PDF, 3.3MB)

September (PDF, 4.3MB)

September (PDF, 4MB)

September (PDF, 3.4MB)

August (PDF, 3.5MB) 

August (PDF, 4MB)

August (PDF, 3.5MB)

July (PDF, 4.3MB)

July (PDF, 4.8MB)

July (PDF, 3.3MB)

June (PDF, 4MB)

June (PDF, 4MB)

June (PDF, 3.4MB)

May (PDF, 3.45MB)

May (PDF, 4.1MB)

May (PDF, 2.4MB)

April (PDF, 4MB)

April (PDF, 3.8MB)

April (PDF, 2.4MB)

March (PDF, 3.6MB)

March (PDF, 3.6MB)

March (PDF, 2.6MB)

February (PDF, 3.9MB)

February (PDF, 3.1MB)

February (PDF, 2.2MB)



Competition terms and conditions

  1. One competition entry coupon per household.
  2. City of Subiaco employees or their families cannot enter Talk about Subi competitions.
  3. A competition entry coupon must be received on or before the competition closing date and time as stated above the competition entry coupon.
  4. A competition entry coupon may be delivered by post to City of Subiaco, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904 or by hand to the entry box located in the foyer at the Administration Centre, 241 Rokeby Road, Subiaco.
  5. A competition winner is notified by telephone using the contact number provided on the competition entry coupon.
  6. On initial contact should the City of Subiaco have to leave a message (on an answering service or with another person) for a competition winner, it is the responsibility of the winner to contact the City of Subiaco on (08) 9237 9222 within twenty-four hours of the message being left to claim the prize.
  7. If a competition winner does not contact the City of Subiaco within twenty-four hours of being drawn as the winner, or a competition winner has not claimed a prize within twenty-four hours of a message being left for them by the City of Subiaco, a redraw will occur.
  8. A competition prize is only valid for the date and time indicated in the Talk about Subi article about the competition prize. Competition prizes cannot be arranged for a different date or time if a winner is unable to attend.
  9. If a winner cannot attend the show that a competition prize is valid for, a redraw for a new winner will occur.
  10. Talk about Subi prizes cannot be recouped in exchange for other prizes or cash.
  11. It is at the City of Subiaco's discretion to disqualify any entrant ineligible to enter into the competition or whom it deems breaking the Talk about Subi competition terms and conditions without notifying the entrant.