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Parking information

nullThis page contains information about parking options in and around the Subiaco town centre, including hospital parking and parking near UWA and Subiaco Oval.

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Hospital parking

In the streets surrounding Princess Margaret Hospital and King Edward Memorial Hospital, parking time limits apply.

Princess Margaret Hospital

The city provides a number of public all-day ticket parking car stations on the east and west sides of Hamilton Street, between Roberts Road and Subiaco Road, north and south side of Roberts Road between Coghlan Road and Hamilton Street, and Subiaco Road between Hamilton Street and Coghlan Road. A ticket must be purchased from the ticket machine and displayed on the vehicle between 8am and 9pm.

King Edward Memorial Hospital

Limited parking is available at King Edward Memorial Hospital. The nearest City of Subiaco car park is the Subiaco Theatre Gardens car park (between Bagot Road and Hamersley Road) with seventy bays. A ticket must be purchased from the ticket machine and displayed on the vehicle between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Parking around Subiaco Oval

Parking around Subiaco Oval during events is limited. Parking is available to residents and their visitors who have valid parking permits.

The city encourages the use of public transport. The best way to get to Subiaco Oval is to take advantage of the joint ticketing arrangement, whereby your Subiaco Oval entry ticket also includes public transport by bus or train. Transperth runs a frequent train service operation all lines prior to and after the game and Subiaco and West Leederville train stations are located within easy walking distance from the oval. Additional train services are provided as required. Frequent buses run to and from the oval from across the metropolitan area.

For more information about public transport, visit the Transperth website.

Parking around UWA

All-day ticket parking locations include:

  • Hackett Drive – Matilda Bay Foreshore from Mounts Bay road through to Australia II Drive
  • Fairway – University side from Stirling Highway to Myers Street
  • Myers Street – University side from Fairway to Parkway
  • Parkway – University side from Myers Street to the cul-de-sac at Princess Road.

Subiaco visitor map

The Subiaco visitor map shows details of car parking and other facilities within the city. 

Disability parking permits

The City of Subiaco supports the below parking scheme for vehicles correctly displaying a valid disability parking permit in non disability parking bays, in accordance with the Australian Disability Parking Scheme.

In a fee payable ticket machine area:
A ticket will be required to be purchased and displayed, and double the time indicated on the ticket will be honoured.

In a non-fee payable time restricted area:
If the time limit on the sign is:
     (i) Less than 30 minutes, 1 hour will be honoured; or
     (ii) More than 30 minutes, twice the period indicated on the sign will be honoured.

In designated disability parking permit bays, time restrictions and fee payable parking restrictions apply as per signage.

Points to remember

When parking in a City of Subiaco car park please consider the following points:

  • Observe the signs as some charges may apply
  • Ticket machines display the expiry time as coins are inserted
  • Insert coins slowly, taking note of the expiry time, as change is not given
  • Ensure tickets are face up and clearly visible on the dashboard inside your vehicle
  • If a machine is faulty, use the next closest machine
  • Please advise the City of faulty machines as soon as possible by calling 9237 9222

UWA ticket machines on Hackett Drive or nearby issue UWA specific tickets and these are not valid in the City of Subiaco ticket areas.

Parking Strategy-2012-2016

After extensive research and community consultation outlined below, council adopted the Parking Strategy 2012-2016 (PDF, 1.8MB) establishing the direction parking management will take in the coming years.

Implementation plans

The Parking Strategy 2012-2016 contains 28 actions which address the many issues identified throughout the strategic planning process. Download the Parking Strategy Implementation Plan (PDF, 158KB).

Parking study

Between April and August 2012, the City of Subiaco undertook a city-wide parking study, led by technical consulting firm Arup. The study aimed to gather information to create an improved and sustainable approach to parking management in the city, addressing topics such as parking supply, demand and management. During this time, the city sought feedback from residents, businesses, employees and visitors.

Arup research report

This comprehensive report brings together best practice and industry research along with the community feedback captured through surveys, workshops and online collaborative mapping. The Arup report identifies five key aspects that require further review, including time controls and costs, enforcement, resident permit schemes, matching supply with demand, and traffic safety.

The recommendations contained within Arup's report were used to guide the city's parking strategy development and may not be included in the final parking strategy.

Read the parking study research report (PDF, 2.9MB).

Collaborative mapping

The first stage of the project involved getting community feedback on parking in the city. Although collaborative mapping has now closed, comments can still be viewed by hovering your mouse over the blue parking icons on the map.