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Crime prevention programs

The city is constantly looking for ways to make Subiaco an even more vibrant, liveable, safe and accessible city. This page contains information about some of the programs that help to achieve this.


The City of Subiaco and WA Police have teamed up to produce an e-newsletter that provides information on crime occurring in Subiaco, what to watch out for and tips on how to stay safe. To register to receive our newsletter, visit the ewatch website.

Community safety education forums

Do you want to learn self defence, how to resuscitate, or more about road safety for your child? Or perhaps you have some safety concerns in the city that you feel are not being addressed? We run regular small forums every two months to teach you more about safety and crime prevention and to learn more about your concerns.

The next workshops will be on first aid; visit the events calendar for details on our course. To suggest a topic for December, please contact the city on 9237 9260.

Licensed premises working group

We know that you want to see a thriving nightlife in Subiaco, not just based on bar culture but a choice of venues.

The City of Subiaco is working with the licensed premises in Subiaco so that, together, we can make our vision come to life.

Neighbourhood Watch

null Neighbourhood Watch is a series of programs aimed at making individuals aware of crime prevention initiatives and activities in and around the home, within rural communities, by the ocean and in schools.

The City of Subiaco supports the Neighbourhood Watch program, aimed at keeping the community of Subiaco alert, aware and safe. If you would like to join a Subiaco Neighbourhood Watch, please contact the city on 9237 9260.

To find out more, please visit the Neighbourhood Watch website.

The Safety House Program

The Safety House Program offers a place of safety for children to go when they are away from the security and comfort of their home or school environment. Local schools run the Safety House scheme in their areas, including Rosalie Primary School in Shenton Park.

How can you identify a Safety House?
The Safety House sign on a house letterbox or shop window means that the premises and occupants have been thoroughly checked and it is designated as a safe place.

When can children use a Safety House?
A Safety House can be used by children travelling to or from school whenever they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Reasons for a child using a Safety House may include:

  • Being bullied by other children or teenagers
  • Being injured, hurt or feeling unwell
  • Being frightened by animals
  • Being approached or followed by a person who makes them feel unsafe
  • Being lost or confused

What do Safety House people do?
The role of the Safety Householder is to assist children in need by offering them help and protection by contacting the child's parents or the Police.

Who can become a Safety House?
To have your home become a Safety House, you must be a responsible adult, who:

  • Cares about the safety and well-being of children and is happy to help them
  • Has been interviewed and accepted by the Local Safety House Committee
  • Is available at home during peak school travel hours
  • Has a house suitable for easy access by children in need
  • Has been police-checked and approved by Safety House WA Inc.
  • Agrees to have all other residents of their house police-checked and approved by Safety House WA Inc.

We are always looking to increase the number of local Safety Houses in the City of Subiaco. If you are interested in becoming a Safety Householder, please apply through Safety House WA at

If you are in the Shenton Park area, please contact Kate Wall, Rosalie Primary School Safety House Coordinator, at

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan

nullThe City of Subiaco has now adopted the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2014-2016.

The plan aims to improve safety in Subiaco through city initiatives and cooperation with police, businesses, residents and community organisations.

The plan is available for viewing here (PDF, 4.7MB). To provide feedback on the plan, please contact the city on 9237 9260.

Child car restraint checks

If you have a child 7 years old or under, you are legally required to fit child car restraints of a certain type, depending on your child's age. To be sure that your restraints fulfil the legal requirements, and will keep your child safe in the event of an accident, you can have your restraints checked by certified specialists. If you're a City of Subiaco rate payer, we will provide you with a voucher to have your restraints checked free.

For more information on child car restraints, and a list of locations you can get your restraints checked, visit the Roadwise website. For more information or to get your restraint check voucher, contact the city on 9237 9222.