City of Subiaco - Graffiti removal
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Graffiti removal

nullThe City of Subiaco's goal is to remove graffiti as quickly as possible. The city has an enhanced and free graffiti removal service for all private properties, both residential and commercial.

The graffiti removal methods may include the use of high-pressure water, chemicals, sandblasting or painting over. The city has appointed an experienced and professional graffiti removal contractor, with operators appropriately trained in graffiti removal techniques.

The property owner, or a person authorised by the owner, can give consent to entry of a property by completing the authorisation form found below.

Graffiti removal authorisation form (PDF, 187KB)

By returning the form to the City of Subiaco you:

  • agree to permit the city's graffiti removal contractor to enter your property to remove graffiti
  • agree for the graffiti removal operator to use water from your property
  • acknowledge that while all reasonable care will be taken, some surface textures may change slightly as a result of the removal and cleaning methods.

To request graffiti removal by the City of Subiaco please call 1800 441 818.

To report graffiti, wilful damage or antisocial behaviour, please call the police on 131 444.

For further information regarding the City of Subiaco graffiti removal service, please contact (08) 9237 9222.