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Parking permits for residents

Parking permits for residents

nullMany residential properties in Subiaco are in streets with restrictions on parking or where access to parking on the property may not be possible for the resident and/or their visitors. To assist residents in overcoming this issue, the city has a residential parking scheme, which has been in operation since 1978. It enables residents and their visitors displaying a permit to park in areas where parking restrictions may otherwise apply or in designated areas. The permits do not apply for short-term bays (less than one hour), loading bays, no stopping/parking areas or pay for parking car parks.

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Residential and visitor parking permits

Residents may be eligible for up to three residential permits where there is inadequate "off-street" parking and one visitor permit in areas less likely to be directly impacted by events at Subiaco Oval. Unfortunately in areas of high parking demand such as Hay Street and Rokeby Road it is not possible to issue residents with permits.

Residential permits are issued based on the number of parking bays available on the property compared with the number of vehicles registered to that property.  For example, a house with two on-site bays, two cars, a caravan and a trailer would be eligible for two permits.  The permits would be used on the cars to ensure the trailer and caravan can be stored within the private property rather than the adjacent verge or roadway, which would in fact be unlawul and contrary to Parking Local Law 2.6.

Permits may not be issued for new developments in areas where local parking amenities are unable to support the supply of such requests.

Visitor permits are only to be used intermittently and for short periods by vehicles not registered to the property.

Permits will not be issued in contradiction of existing development approval conditions or advice notes.

The city reserves the right to amend the permit system without notice.

Parking permit applications

There is no application fee and each application is assessed against criteria, which are available with the form. The criteria include proof of ownership and/or use of the vehicle and proof of occupancy at the residential address.

Vehicle registration papers in the name of the applicant and containing the address of the property for which the permit is being requested are accepted as evidence for proof of ownership. For company vehicles, a copy of the registration papers along with a letter of authority from the company stating the applicant’s use of the vehicle and authority to keep the vehicle at the address will provide proof of use.

Documents that can be provided as proof of occupancy at the residential address include:

  • A copy of the lease/ tenancy agreement (occupants names must appear on the lease/tenancy agreement to be eligible for Residential Parking permits)
  • A rates notice for the residential property (both the property and postal address indicating the owner resides on the premises)
  • A letter from the owner confirming the occupants reside at the address

Applicants must provide proof of identity in the form of a drivers licence, passport or national identification card.

Residential and visitor parking permit application form (PDF, 632KB)

Renewal of permits

Residential and/or Visitor parking permits are posted out annually at the start of December for the following calendar year.  Properties that are not occupied by the owner are required to reapply each year to ensure permits are continually being provided to the appropriate person and to ensure that each applicant is receiving permits that best suit their individual circumstances.  New applications may also be required for additional, replacement or new permits.  Properties occupied by the owner may also be required to reapply at the city's discretion.

All permits will be valid from the date of issue to the expiry listed on the permit.

Parking permit do's and don’ts


  • Residential parking permits are to be affixed to the bottom left hand corner of the front windscreen.
  • Ensure parking permits are clearly displayed to enable the City of Subiaco staff to easily locate and verify the details. Vehicles failing to clearly display parking permits may be infringed
  • Park within the street(s) listed on the permit
  • Exempt vehicles from complying with any one-hour or more time restricted area within the nominated streets.
  • Allows the permit holder to legitimately park within 300 metres maximum distance from the property.


  • Does not allow parking in clearways, loading zones, short-term parking areas, no parking or no standing areas and paid ticket parking car parks
  • Permits are not valid past the point of expiry. The permit holder is expected to return invalid expired parking permits to the City of Subiaco or declare that expired permits will be destroyed upon expiry
  • Parking permits are not to be used in commercial vehicles or in association with commercial activities.
  • Will not be issued to businesses and commercial properties.

Lost, stolen or damaged permits

Should a permit become damaged or faded, a replacement can be issued on receipt of the damaged or faded permit. Replacement of lost or stolen permits incurs a $30 fee. Stolen permit replacements are free of charge when the relevant police report is produced