City of Subiaco - Litter management
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Litter management

Litter management

nullThe city provides comprehensive street sweeping, butt out bin and street bin cleaning, as well as litter control services to ensure the health and amenities of the community and the surrounding environment. 

Street and park bins are emptied everyday in the central CBD and high use locations like Subiaco Train Station. Public bin lids are cleaned once a week and repairs are carried out as required. 

Litter includes all kinds of rubbish, refuse, junk, garbage or scrap; and any articles or material abandoned or unwanted by the owner or the person in possession.

It is an offence to deposit litter on any land or into any water, unless the litter is deposited on private land by consent, or placed in an appointed area such as a refuse centre or in front of your property by invitation from the council for inorganic collection. The penalty for this and other littering offences is $1000.

To report instances of littering or illegal rubbish dumping, contact the city on (08) 9237 9222. 

Download the path and laneway sweeping schedule (PDF, 791KB).