City of Subiaco - Forrest Square car park upgrade
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Forrest Square car park upgrade

Forrest Square car park upgrade

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The City of Subiaco is pleased to introduce Forrest Square in Subiaco as a new and improved multi-use space that can be used as a car park or town square. Located in the heart of Subiaco, the upgraded car park provides affordable parking for shoppers and visitors to the area.
The city offers first hour free parking at Forrest Square, as well as three other town centre car parks operated by the city (Rowland Street, Park Street, Barker Road).
The City of Subiaco is committed to the revitalisation of Subiaco Town Centre through place making and providing opportunity for vibrancy and events. The works involved upgrades to the car park into a multi-use space that can be used as a car park or a town square. It is envisaged that the space may be used for markets, outdoor concerts, exhibitions or certain types of events.   
Scope of the works

The works included:

  • the removal of existing material (bitumen etc)
  • the installation of drainage
  • hydraulic and electrical services
  • construction of retaining walls
  • new concrete and paving surfaces
  • installation of bollards, bicycle racks and seating (and a drinking fountain in Forrest Walk)
  • tree protection, and landscaping. 


The site was divided into two sections to enable the project to be completed in stages.
Stage one of the works commenced on Monday 11 January and stage two commenced at the completion of stage one.

The entire works were completed and the car park was opened in May.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Download the frequently asked questions (PDF, 651KB) for more information about the works and access to the car park. 


For all enquiries about the works, please contact John Rostom on 9387 0912. 
For more information in relation to parking, please contact the city's field services branch on 9237 9236.